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Il Wildbacher di Col Sandago a Conegliano Valdobbiadene
Col Sandago Wildbacher

Col Sandago Wildbacher, a vine variety originating from Austria, is enriched by the soft nuances of the Treviso hills.

The aromas of wild berries and blackberries, wild flowers and aromatic herbs perfectly combine with the noble fragrances suggesting its Mitteleuropean roots.
Despite its stern name, it becomes a lively wine, suited for convivial gatherings. It is a wine to be enjoyed alone or in company, while reading a good book or socializing with friends.
It should be served in a wide, transparent glass which does not constrain it, but rather exposes it to light and oxygen, enhancing its unusual brightness, the precious heritage of its land of origin.
Over the years, its aromas have matured, becoming bolder. It became more austere and warm, thanks to its intense red color, which resembles that of a garnet.
Restrained with those who consider it to be a wine just like any other, Wildbacher is generous beyond expectation with those who understand and support it.
Col Sandago Wildbacher is one of those wines to drink with your heart.

Expressions of Wildbacher

Col Sandago Wildbacher is considered as a rare diamond with thousands of facets which can be enjoyed in its various expressions:

Scheda Tecnica
Restless and strong, a red with a stunning character and personality.
Scheda Tecnica
Scheda Tecnica
Astonishing and unique. 
A harmony of floral and berry scents
Scheda Tecnica
Enigmatic and intriguing.
A wine to be discovered while savoured slowly.
Scheda Tecnica
Time and tradition: the ingredients for obtaining
grappa of the finest quality.

Luigi Veronelli, one of the most important figures in the promotion and the diffusion of the typical Italian food and wine heritage,
wrote to Mr Martino Zanetti about Wildbacher:

“…If I were the owner of the wine-growing area called Col Sandago, I would not have any doubt. I would pull out each and every Prosecco, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vine, along with any other vines, and I would leave only the excellent Wildbacher. I must confess, I am extremely envious of you for owning this exceptional land…”

“…In addition to excellent, more than excellent grapes, Wildbacher offers to Col Sandago its sublime soul…”

“The variety known as Wildbacher is one of the few, the very few, born in a foreign land, to have found a place so ideal – Col Sandago – that they cannot leave it…”