Col Sandago Wildbacher

…If I were the owner of the wine-growing area known as Col Sandago, I know exactly what I would do. I would pull out each and every one of the Prosecco, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and other vines, and leave only the extraordinary Wildbacher vines. I must confess that I am extremely envious of you because you possess such exceptional land…”

Luigi Veronelli

Col Sandago Wildbacher, a variety that originates from Austria, is enriched by subtle undertones arising from the Treviso hills. Scents of berries, blackberries, wildflowers and herbs combine perfectly with noble fragrances that evince the wine’s Central European roots. Despite its austere name, it is a lively wine suited for convivial gatherings. It can be enjoyed alone or in company, while reading a good book or socializing with friends.

The wine should be served in a wide, clear glass that does not constrain it, but rather exposes it to light and oxygen, and accentuates its exceptional brilliance, the exquisite heritage of its land of origin. Over the years, its aromas have matured, becoming bolder. The wine has become more austere and warm, thanks to its deep red colour that approaches garnet. Restrained with those who consider it to be a wine like any other, Wildbacher is generous beyond expectation with those who understand and support it.

Col Sandago Wildbacher is a wine to drink with the heart.

Expressions of Wildbacher

Col Sandago Wildbacher is viewed as a rare diamond with thousands of facets that can be enjoyed in its various expressions:

Scheda Tecnica
Restless and strong, a red with a stunning character and personality.
Scheda Tecnica
A fruity, floral rosé that tastes of nature.
Scheda Tecnica
Astonishing and unique. 
A harmony of floral and berry scents
Scheda Tecnica
Enigmatic and intriguing.
A wine to be discovered while savoured slowly.
Scheda Tecnica
Time and tradition: the ingredients for obtaining
grappa of the finest quality.