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La Storia del Wildbacher Col Sandago voluto da Martino Zanetti
The History

“In the blue sky of the first days of autumn, hovering at the top of a hill,
four white houses, around them the sloping vineyards,
spent after the harvest.
Silence, a light breeze, the smell of must…
I walk among the rows, under the sky, up to the oak woods…
Years ago, that day I saw Col Sandago…

Martino Zanetti


Wildbacher has an intricate history, which we want to share with you…
The name Wildbacher originates from a region located in the Deutsch-Landberg countryside, in Western Styria, Austria, called Schilchergegend, or “bright wine area”, which corresponds to the district where it was initially cultivated. It literally means “wild, unbridled streamlet”, foretelling the restless character of this grape variety.

Two centuries ago, Wildbacher travelled from those lands to Susegana, in the province of Treviso, the only area in Italy which has welcomed it.
Although strong and rustic, it was not considered valuable at the time. However, farmers of the region were able to grow it where other varieties would not survive.

But the hard times were not over for Wildbacher: the hills of the province of Treviso were found to be particularly well-suited for the production of Prosecco, white wines, and a few highly-valued red wines.

The rustic variety of Styrian origin then fell into oblivion, destined to remain on the less illustrious margins of local winemaking.

Luckily, if Wildbacher is still talked about today to describe its virtues and tell its story, it is all thanks to Martino Zanetti. A connoisseur of genuine wines, a wise entrepreneur, and an enthusiastic winemaker, Zanetti decided to take a chance on those rare rows which happened to be discovered on his estate.

By entrusting expert agronomists with the task to study them and asking his enologists to create the best conditions to enhance the characteristics of this exclusive wine, Wildbacher has been able to achieve its fullest expression, offering extraordinary colors and aromas.